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At Franklin County Title Company, we're proud of our prestigious reputation and were founded on the simple principal that high quality customer service should be standard. Since issuing our first title evidence in 1970, weve been providing thousands of title searches each year. Our rates and service make us the first choice among informed home sellers, while our reputation for quality makes us the first choice among informed home buyers. Even though we protect thousands of Franklin County homes, we stand behind each one as if it were our own.


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Union Office

301 S. Church Street, Union, Mo 63084
Phone: 636-583-2511 | Fax: 636-583-8253


"Once again your professional courtesy and direction was above par, simplistic, and exemplary. You are a rare breed in this modern day world. A type of picturesque character that one would point their children to and say "pattern your life after that man and you will be successful." With out reservation your company continues to receive my recommendation and the highest possible respect."

Dr. Bryan S.

"Go to Franklin County Title Company!!!!! Very good service. We were informed and kept up to date and were able view our paperwork and closing statement on-line. Being in customer service and having a person answer the phone was also a huge plus. Friendly and pricing was the best in the county. Highly recommend them!!!!"


"Franklin County Title was recommended by our Realtor and loan officer. I also searched them on the Better Business website and they have an A+ rating. The staff was friendly and courteous and answered all of our questions. My husband and I also liked having the ability to review the papers we were going to sign prior to closing. I highly recommend them and their website has plenty of great information regarding the closing process."

Florence Z.

"Great title company! My wife and I were out of town on vacation and these guys made the sale of our home worry free. I could not ask for better service."

Bob D.

"I highly recommend Franklin County Title Company. Professional staff, on time closings, and the ability to help me through a confusing process is much appreciated as well as their pricing. Great job Franklin County Title!"

Marcus V.

""I love that my clients can get a beneficiary deed at Franklin County Title Company at the time of closing instead of going to an attorney down the road. I believe this is a bonus over some other companies. Always polite, accurate and on time.""

Sherry F.

""When I purchased my home years ago. I, and my wife were treated extremely well. Any and all questions were answered directly and in layman's terms making the entire process much less stressful and rather easy.""

David B.

"Thanks Tom!!! Love working with you all over there!"

Ginger B.